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Vaccination Status and New COVID 19-21 Cases

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

The ratio between binding and neutralizing antibody activity of vaccines vs natural immunity is not widely reported. This is a very important investigation in my opinion. The findings in the articles below are dense but important. Neutralizing activity is paramount. One explanation for the discordance between vaccination status and community spread is a lack of neutralizing activity effectively allowing the vaccinated to serve as reservoirs for transmission. It is clear that this not solely a pandemic of the unvaccinated or under-vaccinated.

At risk vaccinated populations will continue to contract and succumb to the virus.

The mRNA vaccines have reduced but not eliminated mortality in many susceptible populations, however, these vaccines carry risks that are not being disclosed to patients. We, as a society, still do not know the denominator or total number of cases which makes the mortality rates inaccurate at best.

Booster mandates without evidence of antibody status exposes patients to unnecessary risks with unknown levels of protection from the vaccine.

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