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Viral Traffic

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

Currently, 221,939 vessels are being tracked at port and sea. This does not include military vessels.

At any given moment there are over 10,000 airborne aircraft with roughly 50% being commercial carriers that operate in 24,100,000 square miles of oceanic airspace and 5,300,000 million square miles of US domestic airspace. If an average commercial flight has 70 passengers in a given hour that would equate to around 70,000 people airborne in close proximity to one another without mask type standardization. Those traveling are leaving one destination in anticipation of another interact with multiple connecting populations while enroute. Routine air travel in the US was never stopped. TSA screening volume has roughly doubled thus far in January 2022 as compared to the same time frame in January 2021.

Regionally selective draconian efforts to suppress a virus in the midst of millions of daily national and international air, sea, and land travelers suggests a willful suspension of disbelief from public health officials or worse.

TSA Checkpoint Travelers

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