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Societal Cerebral Syntexis

Human habitat evolved in concert with nature. A quick study of the evolution of living spaces did not begin with expansive openings or windows, rather, cavernous and likely smoke filled domains. In nature's true form, the current path reveals a cyclical tendency.

Metaversians immersed in money and technology have no use for nature other than raw materials. Assuming nature to be inferior to the magnitude of modern invention, it is no surprise that some see a physically and mentally synthetic future. In subtle Randian fashion, human relationships matter only in their utility to effect the happiness of the individual. This concept has failed as humans are social beings. No person is an island.

Voluntary, perhaps even sought after electronic imprisonment is the segue for physical imprisonment. You might not desire a windowless house now, but you will want it in the near future. Herding souls deeper in to the allegorical cave further fearing blindness from the sunlight. In relative cave efficiency, humanity has engaged the 400-450nm wavelength to the extent that the shadows will have avatars.

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